Welcome UNC Delts!

Hey guys,

Just thought I would add this blog for all UNC Delts to enjoy. Feel free to leave comments. If you would like to be listed as a contributor or author, please let me know.

Our Facebook page can be found at UNC Delts.

For Reunion information check out the right sidebar.

If you wish to contribute photos please let me know or just submit them as a comment on the appropriate page. We would love your contributions!

God Bless!

Butch Weston


2 Responses to “Welcome UNC Delts!”

  1. Oscar Pace says:


    After a 4 year vacation from Carolina Football to watch my son play collegiate football, I am once again on the Carolina sideline carrying the chains for the Tar Heels. I am usually on the visitor’s sideline. Come by and see me.

  2. clif says:

    clif hunt will be there! sounds like a 36 our deal or something?

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